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Tips to Stay Safe on BBW Hookup Apps
Posted by | Mar 28, 2017

Tips to Stay Safe on BBW Hookup AppsMillions of people use dating apps to hook up with someone every day, there is nothing strange about using a BBW hookup app for big beautiful women and big handsome men to find dates and sex. However, there are some risks on BBW hookup apps, such as murdering people and fraud. Here are some tips to stay safe on BBW hookup apps.

1. If you are meeting up, get their real name.

You have to ask the prospective lover for their identity, try to get their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

2. Ask for their number.

It might be better to speak on the phone before you meet up, it can help you know more about the person.[read more]

How to Get Noticed on BBW Dating Sites for Curvy Singles
Posted by | Mar 17, 2017

get noticed on BBw dating sites for curvy singlesWhen you are looking for curvy singles online, there are so many BBW dating sites for you to choose. The first thing you need to do is that choosing the right sites, then register and become a member of the best BBW dating site. You have to know how to get noticed when you fill out your profile on BBW dating sites.

Complete your profile

When you register a BBW dating site, filling out your online dating profile is time-consuming and requires a lot of thought people often get discouraged. If you do not complete your profile, the other person cannot find you even does not know you at all. So your profile is the only and best way for people to find you easily....[read more]

How to Hook Up With a BBW
Posted by | Mar 14, 2017

hook up with a bbwHow to Hook up with a BBW can be confusing when you think to yourself for the first time, where to find these big beautiful women and how to date with them is the key to success. Here are two effective ways to help you hook up with them.

Be a Social Butterfly

One of the ways to hook up with a BBW is that you can go to bars or clubs and find a BBW to hook up with. You should become a social butterfly if you want to try this way. Make an effort before you go out, wear smart clothes, either a suit or something more casual depending on where you are going for the night....[read more]